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Schuffhausen City and cantonal officials with Ambassador Lazaro in front of Jose Rizal marker.

(Left photo) Ambassador Lazaro and the Filipino-Swiss Community in front of the Rizal Marker;
(Right photo) Reception at Haus der Wirtschaft.

Philippine Embassy In Switzerland and the City Of Schaffhausen
Celebrate the 149th Birthday Of Dr. Jose P. Rizal

The Philippine Embassy in Switzerland led by H.E. Ambassador Maria Theresa P. Lazaro  co-organized with the officials of  the City of Schaffhausen,  the celebration   of the 149th birthday of Philippine national hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal.  

The celebration started with a walk  from the city square -  where the Philippine flag was hoisted along with the  flags of the Canton and the City of Schaffhausen.  The walk proceeded   towards the historical marker dedicated to Dr. Jose Rizal,  installed  in the former Hotel Muller, presently the office of Credit Suisse..   During the  wreath-laying ceremony,  Ambassador Lazaro and the City official Mr. Urs Hunziker paid tribute to the Philippine national hero who visited Schaffhausen on June 2-3, 1887. 

A reception  followed at the Haus der Wirtschaft, the  city government tourist center, a modern but historical building.  

In his address to around 70 guests  –  comprised of Schaffhausen officials   and Filipino-Swiss families residing in the canton -   Mr. Hunziker highlighted Dr. Rizal’s appreciation of Switzerland and the Swiss struggle for democracy, which prompted the hero to  translate the Swiss classic play William Tell of Friedrich Schiller from German to Tagalog.    He said that Wilhelm Tell  is a symbol of Swiss democracy and  Dr. Rizal strongly identified with this  figure.   . 

On her part,  Ambassador Lazaro, cited the parallelism between the two countries in their  struggle  for freedom from oppression.   She thanked the cantonal  and city officials for the tribute given to our national hero,  which is also a tribute to the Filipino Swiss community  and the Philippines.  

Dr. Jose P. Rizal visited Switzerland from June 2  to 27, 1887,  from Germany.  He visited the Rhine Falls, stayed  one night in the nearby  Schaffhausen,  and then proceeded  to the other Swiss cities of  Basel, Berne, Lausanne and Geneva. 

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