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Swiss Travel Industry Expresses Overwhelming Support for Philippine Tourism

A Swiss journalist presenting his recent experience in the Philippines

At the Asia  Workshop 2013,  an annual tourism  event  in Switzerland,    participants and guests expressed  overwhelming support for the recovery of the tourism industry in the Philippines.  

The one-day event held at the Swissötel in Zurich last 18 November 2013  and  participated in by  travel service providers and travel agencies in Switzerland and abroad,  was  aimed to promote travel to Asia  by providing a wide range of information on the products and services  available in this region.  

The country in focus during this event -  or so-called “host country” - was the Philippines.  

As host country, the Philippines was given the opportunity to present to the participants,    comprising an audience of more than 500 people,  the  country of 7,107 islands,  its culture,   it’s nature,  and the activies it can offer to visiting travelers.  

Asia Pacific Workshop participants
(Photo Courtesy of Ms Myriam Brunner/ Asia Pacific Workshop.ch)

As  the event  took  place at the height of the on-going  relief operations following Typhoon Haiyan,  questions and discussions centered on the level  of  destruction in central Philippines,  the status of rehabilitation efforts   and  the plight of the Philippine tourism..  

Team  Philippines  took the occasion to inform the workshop participants, including the Swiss media,  that relief  efforts are in full swing,  that   only a small portion of central Philippines  has been affected by Typhoon Haiyan and  majority of tourism products are still available,   and most of all,  that  we will be able to rebuild what has been lost,  even surpassing what has been.  

The team was able to give a different perspective to the slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” – emphasizing  that “fun” is not just enjoyment or merriment, but “feeling good” when you express solidarity with those in difficulty.  

Expressions of support for and solidarity with the Philippines was continuous all throughout the event,  with travel agencies and associations giving re-assurance  that they are standing by the Philippines and will actively promote country as a travel destination.  


 "Team Philippines

Philippine participation in this  Asia Workshop was led  by the Philippine  Tourism Office in Frankfurt  with the full support of the Philippine Embassy in Berne.  

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