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ASEAN Ambassadors attend the 2012 Information Day hosted by Liechtenstein

(L-R: Thai Ambassador, Malaysian Ambassador, Indonesian Ambassador,
Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick, and Philippine Ambassador Leslie Baja)

ASEAN Ambassadors attended the Ambassadors’ Information Day hosted by the Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein on 18 June 2012. Around ninety diplomats accredited to the Principality of Liechtenstein attended the annual event held at a theater in Church Square in Schaan, the country’s largest municipality.

Prime Minister Dr. Klaus Tschütscher and Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick welcomed the guests. In his welcome remarks, Prime Minister Tschütscher talked about the identity and branding of Liechtenstein.  The message clearly was an attempt on the part of the Government to counter the image of Liechtenstein as a tax haven

The representative of Deputy Prime Minister Martin Meyer briefed the guests about the economy of Liechtenstein with focus on its various industries.


Foreign Minister Frick spoke about Liechtenstein’s solidarity with and engagement in less developed countries, in particular its work on promoting women’s rights. She stressed that solidarity is a central pillar of Liechtenstein’s foreign policy and in line with this, Liechtenstein provides financial support to well-targeted projects that guarantee lasting impact on the lives of women, particularly in conflict-affected areas.  Minister Frick added that the government is also committed to promoting human rights, democracy and rule of law.


Information Events include a guest country which showcases a country presentation.  Australia, the guest country for this year, presented an art performance “sound, transmission, light” followed by wine-tasting, featuring wines produced from the various regions of the country. The Philippines was a guest country in 2010 and many local officials recalled the food festival and cultural performance staged by the Embassy.


The event offered an opportunity for new ambassadors and other diplomats based in Switzerland but accredited in Liechtenstein to network with the various officials of the Principality. END

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