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Vaduz, Liechstenstein     

Caring for good relations: Foreign Minister Aurelia Frick was happy about the visit
of the Philippine Ambassador Maria Theresa Lazaro

Philippine Cultural Evening
State of islands meets the island state of Europe

Vaduz-Philippine flair at the Hofkellerei. As a sign of the friendly relations the Philippine Embassy invited to a cultural evening in Vaduz.

Mia Frick

Impressions from the underwater world on the coasts of the Philippines are projected at the walls, an exotic smell of food lies in the air and traditional island sounds fill the room. Holiday ambient in the Hofkellerei as long as one did not look outside. The guests had the Philippine Embassy to thank for the event that was organized together with Aurelia Frick and the departments of foreign affairs and culture.  After Indonesia last year, the Philippines was the second country build up contact with Liechtenstein in such a way. This event should strengthen the friendly relations between the two countries.

Things in common
As governing councillor Aurelia Frick cited, a Philippine saying tells: "it is easier to empty the ocean to the bottom than find a true friend". All the more is her happiness to have found a friend in the Philippine Ambassador Maria Theresa Lazaro. In her speech Frick thanks the Ambassador for her interest in Liechtenstein and for organising the "Liechtenstein-Philippine evening". Even though there are many differences, the minister of foreign affairs spoke of what the countries have in common. One is a state made of numerous islands and a tropical climate: the other is an island state within Europe, mostly with wet and cold weather. Both countries' populations are made up of 80% Catholics and appreciate culture and good food Aurelia Frick said that: "the evening with dance, music and authentic Philippine foods", the cooks of which were specially flown in from the Philippines "came as a brilliant occasion to celebrate the good relations with the Philippines". And she is not alone. Ambassador Maria Theresa Lazaro heartily thanked for the chance of being able to present her country and for knowing Liechtenstein as a European partner "A small country but a giant in finance policy" mentioned the Ambassador The Island state of the Philippines has many cultural and ethnic influences, the origin of which can mostly be found in the times of colonialism. All the more fitting that this event took place five days after the national day of the Philippines, 64 years after the declaration of independence from the last invading force, the USA "Relations between the countries should be strengthened" said Lazaro

Translation: C. Morrissey, 12.07.2010

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